Welcome to Ceili Stained Glass

Here in our studio based in the heart of Cornwall we make traditional and modern leaded stained glass. This can include individual panels for doors, windows, porchways, beautiful pictures, and unusual garden ornaments and sculptures.  We create our stained glass using traditional techniques which have stood the test of time for hundreds of years. Here at Ceili Stained Glass we are inspired by the amazing colours we see in the translucent waters of the Cornish sea and the wealth of beauty we find in the landscape around us, especially here in the valley where our studio is based.

Each piece of stained glass is tailor-made for each client. Colours, style and design are made specifically to suit each person. Using glass is like painting with light and our windows would make a lovely feature in your home.  It can transform a room by bringing light and colour into the space to give it a different feel and to reflect your character. There is room in every home for your very own piece bespoke piece of stained glass.

Some of the items on this website have prices included.  However, prices for individual commissions vary depending on size of panel, type of glass and time taken to make. So please do speak to us and we can work something out together. Our contact details are...........

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